So long Blogger Freinds!!!

15 09 2008

well it has accerd to me that even if I were to get a computer and the Internet back, I will not be able to blog at all. I ‘ve just been to busy with my life to spend time on things like this. maybe in the lat future I will get more time somehow and then be able to pick it back up. But I garuntee it wont be any time soon…… but it’s good that I see you all at church. we can talk there……………………… HEY lets start a “Verble Blog”…………. No that would be stupid……… or maybe not…………….. at any rate. To my dear blogger friends  “Farewell”

Ridge Mallery


I can’t blog for a while…

30 06 2008

Hi everyone,

My blogging has come to a screeching halt. Due to computer problems resulting in the breakdown of our computer I won’t be able to blog for a while as there is no computer to blog on. Until there is a new computer, this blog will be dormant and I won’t be posting any comments either because there will be no way to access the internet.


(Posted by Joshua who is mourning the loss of his blog buddy)

My Pictures

25 06 2008

Theis are some pictures that I took on my sunday walk, and a The Music Resital. Enjoy And there are SOME of my favorite pictures.

11. Michael Card – Things We Leave Behind

25 06 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Please Come!

23 06 2008

Historical Character Party


Deuteronomy 32:7

Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations:

Ask thy father, and he will show thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.


You are invited to a Historical Character Party event will be located at the Sir Raymond Mallery’s House, on July nineteenth, at one O’clock to seven O’clock.


Rules for the Historical Character Party; You must find a Historical person, (of your gender) that you admire for their great deeds they accomplished, and you must dress as whom you have selected, and give a short, or long speech on why you admire that person, and what great thing he or she did, and how he or she changed you life.  The character you have chosen must be deceased. And there is no time period that is prohibited. Make sure you study at the least, your characters; date of birth, death, Accomplishment in life, and how they have changed your life. You must be eleven and up to attend.


There will be games, food, live music, and all of our speeches, regarding the people we came as.

Please attend. Please RSVP if you can but we will talk late comers too.

You May RSVP on my blog or call me at if you know the number.



Order of events:


GAMES:   Tug-of-war, Indian log wrestling, rapier dueling, broad sword fighting, and Archery. 


LIVE MUSIC:  Roman Mallery Ridge Mallery Eric Underhill, on guitars, any others that want to play instruments, may participate, and the rest of the people, my sing.

If you are going to play any instruments please include this in your RSVP.


SPEECHES: Order of speech presentation is not important


DINNER: Food will be prepared by the Ladies of Sir Raymond Mallery’s household. If you want to pay a contribution in the dinner please include this in your RSVP


OPEN EVENTS: at this point, every one in invited to linger as long as they would like and you may participate in any activity they desire.     







23 06 2008

Ooo! I love Coffee! when you wake up in the morning, to small that sweet aroma, and poor out that thick black coffee in to a white coffee mug, and you swirl it in your cup and it’s so thick it stick to the aide of your cup, and slowly runs down. then you put it to your lips and the steam erupts into your face, and as the coffee touching your lips the hot beverage almost burns as you slowly sip it down. At this point you are so satisfied, you could just die!

Short Jokes-Rolled Up!

21 06 2008

Here; you see what happens, when you are short!

All my paints look this way when I wear them! What? You Don’t get it?  It’s a short persons thing you wounldn’t understand